danno's site

hey, i'm danno and this is my personal website

7/09/2020: danno.nz radio is now here!

i've always had an interest in radio, and this eventually sparked the forming of DanFM.

i sort of forgot about it though, and just left it running until it eventually stopped

but i've decided to start it back up again, for good.

come check it out at radio.danno.nz!

more cool stuff will come soon.


who are you?!?

front & back end developer, video editor / producer, sorta good at graphic design?!?!?, marketing genius (you are on my website right now, it worked)


you can email me at hello@danno.nz

you can verify messages and emails originating from danno.nz with my public key. if anyone claims to be me and the public key doesn't match, you can know that they are an impostor.

if you prefer not to use email, you can message me on these platforms:

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